This course is intended for students who have already completed the Qaida Course (First Step to the Quran) or have some understanding of Arabic. The students will enhance the beauty of their Quran recitation in this class. Teachers will provide extra attention to their students in order to encourage the flow of their recitation.

According to the rules, this course belongs to the art of recitation. Qira’at refers to the methods of recitation used in tarteel, tadweer, and hadar. Tajweed is the set of rules that govern how the Qur’an’s words should be pronounced. You will improve your reading of the Quran (as described in the rules) with this course. The use of tajweed during recitation is mandatory. We will explain the terms and rules of tajweed in detail.

Tajweed means beautiful in Arabic. Reciting the Quran beautifully and correctly with an accurate accent is made easier by these rules. In order to recite Quran without errors and gain maximum rewards from Allah. Learning Tajweed rules for recitation of the Quran should be a top priority for every Muslim. In surah Muzzammil, Allah says: “and recite the Quran with measured recitation”. Authentic scholars explain that it means recitation of the Quran in Tajweed style. We have Quran teachers who teach Tajweed rules online in a friendly and impressive environment. We will make it easier for even a school-going kid to reach this goal by enticing interest and utilizing innovative techniques.

A change in this Holy Revelation is not permitted for any reason. Most of us give up before even attempting to correct it. A mistake like this is a sin. To guarantee perfect recitation, you need to master Tajweed regulations and to study the correct pronunciation from qualified Quran Teachers. It is therefore important to learn Tajweed rules correctly and not give up. A source of strength better than all others is Allah.

Course Outlines

✓ The recitation of the whole Quran

✓ Each chapter concludes with an examination

✓ Six Kalmas of Islam

✓ Iman-e-mufsal and Iman-e-mujama

✓ Daily Prayer Duas in Arabic with English and Urdu translation


Can anyone apply?

Any student aged 4 or older can enroll in Learn Tajweed rules online course. We have designed courses specifically for students of different ages. During our Quran lessons, our Quran Teachers take the students step by step through practical exercises, and we specify the speed of daily lessons based on the students’ ability and pace.

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