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Come Towards Quran is the leading Quran Academy for online quran learning. We offer the best service to the muslim community worldwide. We teach online to international students of all ages and our staff is very qualified and teaches the best quality courses. We only hire qualified and experienced teachers. They have experience in providing online quran classes. We make learning easy for everyone by offering him/her 1 to 1 class. Students can choose the classes at any suitable time that students suggest. We have qualified male and female teachers for male and female students. So if you want to learn from us privately from a qualified female tutor, contact us today. Learn comfortably without leaving your home. We will teach every student individually. There is no group class system as we teach on one to one basis.

We offer the best Quran education to the students. Those who are busy and cannot join any institute can also learn with us. Our flexible teaching fits in every student’s schedule. We offer the classes when students are available to take. If you are busy in your daily schedule, you can still learn with us. We will schedule the lessons according to your availability. So, what are you thinking about now? Just contact us and start learning with us.

All our services are available in the USA, UK, Canada and other countries.

We aim to teach the book of Allah to muslims around the globe. We wish to spread the light of the Holy Quran in every corner of the world.


Dr. Ikram ul Haq Al-Azhari

  • International Islamic University, Islamabad.
  • Khateeb President House, Islamabad

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Our Team

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Hafiz M. Ansar Ul Haq

MS Economics and Finance
Qualified from Dars e Nizami

Hafiza Bushra Ikram

MS Double Maths and Statistics
Qualified from Dars e Nizami

Hafiza Ruhma Ikram

MS Zoology
Qualified from Dars e Nizami

Hafiz Muhammad Hammad

Bachelors in Arts
Qualified from Dars e Nizami

Hafiz Hamza Mehmood

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